Matrix Hard Facing Electrode

  • Matrix Hard Facing Electrode


  • Matrix 350 - AC/DC electrode which recommended for multi-layer build up and surfacing of steel components.
  • Matrix 600 - Low hydrogen coated electrode for surfacing & build up on parts exposed to abrasion.
  • Matrix 700 - AC/DC which deposits an air hardening martensitic steel alloy. One of the hardest steel alloy.
  • Matrix DieHard 1 - Severe abrasion and moderate impact build-up alloy for manganese steels. 
  • Matrix DiaHard 2 - Complex carbide hard facing electrode for severest fine particle abrasion resistance even at elevated temperature.
  • Matrix DiaHard 3 - Graphitic coated electrode for welding wear resistant hard facing. Outstanding compression and impact strengths.
  • Matrix Mag Hard -  AC/DC electrode which deposits an austenitic manganese steel weld metal for rebuilding and reinforcing matching and manganese and nickel steel.
  • Matrix Sweet Hard - With special fluxing especially developed for depositing spots on wet mill roller used during crushing process of sugar cane. It will restrike automatically even on a wet workpiece.
  • Matrix Tubular 9 - Highly alloyed tubular electrode versatile, complex carbide iron deposit resistant to both coarse and fine abrasion and moderate to heavy impact loading.
  • Matrix 11 - An universal basic coated HSS electrode with high molybdenum which gives an improves cutting edges retention.
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